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What Makes a Great Leader?

Great leaders understand that their professional and personal development is lifelong, and we are there for them in this journey as their mentor, coach and leadership facilitator. When leaders focus on developing deep self-awareness, understanding their unique strengths and how to make the most of these, they can develop their authentic leadership style and accelerate their performance and impact.

At Co-Creation, we design bespoke leadership programmes that reflect the complex environments in which leaders operate. We enable leaders to understand the leadership habits that will lead their teams and organisations to success.

Our leadership development programmes identify their potential and amplify the ability of leaders to achieve results. Within our approach we utilise the ENGAGE, Strengthscope®, Strengthscope360™ and StrengthscopeLeader™ profiling tools, amongst others, that bring out the best in your leaders, your teams and your organisation.

We encourage full transparency and honest conversations and partner with you to fully understand and deliver to your:

  • Challenges and objectives
  • Overall strategy
  • Unique environment
  • Potential risks to performance

The Co-Creation Approach


We start with a conversation to learn more about your organisation. We conduct stakeholder research with selected groups to identify future culture and capability requirements.


We design a bespoke programme & future-focused framework. This could be workshops, action learning sets, virtual sessions, or through utilising Strengthscope® or Engage


The programme is always designed around your needs. We consistently assess and test the programme to get feedback and acceptance.


In partnership with you, we then deliver as per the strategy and plan with feedback & evaluation measures pre-agreed to measure impact. Our consultants and coaches are always on hand to offer additional support throughout the delivery.



Our delivery is designed to upskill and enable leaders to communicate their experience back to their team and filter their knowledge throughout their organisation to deliver change and results. We welcome feedback and work in partnership with you to adjust as required to meet your needs.

Co-Creation has recently worked with the Executive team as part of our development plan.  Most of the team have previous experience of a variety of team and individual profiling and 360 tools and so their enthusiasm for entering into the Strengthscope360™ ranged from curious and interested to quite sceptical.  However, Strengthscope360™ was a really effective tool and provided some very specific and constructive feedback and a new insight for all.  The Co-Creation consultant, Rebecca, provided individual coaching sessions with all members of the Executive team and her skill and experience as an occupational psychologist was very evident in those meetings.  Rebecca also provided a whole team coaching session where she was able to draw out some very insightful observations about how we work as a team and how we could all work to our strengths to be more effective as a leadership team.  This gave us something very tangible that we could work with.  Having personally used many team and 360 tools, I can say that Strengthscope felt quite different.  It was quick and easy to complete and yet generated some very meaningful insights at a level that I found other tools have not provided.  Without exception, all of the Exec team felt that the Strengthscope360™ tool and the expert feedback and coaching we received was invaluable.

Jo Hollingsworth

Director of People, Prospect Hospice