About Us

Our Story

Since 2017, we have endorsed a strengths-based philosophy that clearly illuminates the path to future success. Co-Creation Group is a rapidly growing consultancy, built on the strength and breadth of the highly experienced consultant team of trainers, coaches and psychologists. Our Managing Director, Dave Harrison, founded Co-Creation to create long-term partnerships that deliver real value. We worked hard to create a brand name and logo that demonstrates how we work in collaboration with our clients, our team and our strategic partners.

Why Co-Creation?

  • Our diverse range of coaches and consultants enables us to meet your specific needs and establish a true partnership
  • Our positive psychology and strengths-based approach help you to deliver results in an engaged and energised way
  • We recognise how mindset affects behaviour, culture and results. We support leaders and employees to build up their confidence, openness to change and the impact that they can have
  • We draw on a wide range of tools and techniques to support both understanding and measurement of what your organisation needs
  • We give your leaders and your teams the skills to measure improvement and understand the return on investment

Vision and Principles

Our Vision

Co-creating cultures that inspire people to optimise strengths and deliver outstanding results

Our Principles

Our Focus is on helping clients to achieve measurable results through our 6 Strengths-Based Principles:

We believe in the power of a positive & growth mindset

The scientifically proven differentiator to performance and well-being in people and organisations.

We believe in the strength of individuality

Encouraging people to be their authentic complex self; stretching their strengths, embracing weaknesses and collaborating with others; building truly diverse teams.

We believe in inclusivity

Every leader and employee has the potential to be great. They just need to find the right context for them to be the best versions of themselves.

We believe in the power of community

That what we can deliver together through a co-created solution will achieve better results, deeper engagement and longer-lasting impact.

We believe in leaving a legacy

Helping our customers develop the skills to be able to deliver our solutions internally with our guidance and support.

We drive thought leadership

We challenge ourselves and others to develop, striving to be thought leaders who facilitate this growth.