Most people find the challenge of change – ‘challenging’ ! We tend to prefer the status quo and things we know and prefer to stay in our comfort zones. On the whole we don’t like change; it makes us feel insecure and threatens our autonomy and self-determination. At best, we may be apprehensive or, at worst, resistant to proposed change. Avoidance won’t work, change is going to happen! Here’s something you can add to the list of things that are certain – death, taxes and things will change.

At Co-Creation we believe that when we learn to approach challenges as opportunities, it means that we build optimism, self-confidence and open mindedness, work becomes an adventure and we look forward to whatever comes next.

Finding the opportunities in change is a life skill we should all develop. Reframing is a positive psychology technique used to change the way an individual views a situation, allowing a stressful event or difficult experience to become opportunities to cultivate inner strength. At work reframing can help turn a bad day into a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

Think positive

Coping well with change is about taking responsibility, you are in charge of your own destiny, you have to cope with change so learn to look for the opportunities that any change brings and seek the benefits in the new situation. This is what we call ‘the path of possibility’, as opposed to ‘the path of limitation’. This way you are accountable for how you deal with challenges rather than a hapless victim of circumstance.

Build a positive mindset, by hardwiring certain behaviours – if those behaviours centre on positive thinking then surprise, surprise you’ll find good things happen for you. It’s what you already knew; you really do make your own luck. You just have to be open to the possibilities.

Here are our tips for coping with the inevitable changes you must face and start looking for ways to benefit from the opportunities inherent in change.

  • You can unlearn the old paradigms and learn relevant skills to make the most of new opportunities. On average, if you repeat something over 21 days, it becomes a new habit
  • Check your assumptions about how the world works, or you may miss exciting opportunities;
  • The knowledge that got you where you are now may not be sufficient for where you want to go.

Learning to exploit change and to be agile and adaptive is important for career success. The most productive people are skilled at adapting to a fast paced ever changing environment. When you see change as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than as a setback, you are planting the seeds of a successful future.

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