Kath Thomas

Kath Thomas Coach and Consultant

I’m passionate about developing clear strategic direction that organisations are inspired to deliver, helping solve problems to deliver results and improving the performance of individuals and teams to contribute to the overall success of a business.

I like to engage with organisations to understand their ambition, work with them to uncover strategy and put in place suitable action plans. I thrive on supporting individuals and teams and will help them to recognise and face up to their reality, not only to uncover purpose but to be absolutely certain of the steps to move individuals towards an ambitious and inspiring future.

I’ve been successfully coaching triathletes for many years, with particular focus on their swimming technique (I’m a successful open water swimmer having ventured across Windermere, Coniston and Buttermere) – for many this element is their nemesis. Helping them overcome their fears and seeing them grow and develop has been a real privilege. The open water experience provides superb parallels for individuals and organisations:

  • The direction is impossible to pick out – how do you get from start to finish efficiently?
  • The environment is unpredictable and changes constantly – what are your options?
  • The overall goal needs support – are your team inspired to help you deliver the vision?

I’ve taken this experience and my passion for developing others and brought it successfully into the business environment. With an ethos of self-belief and fulfilling potential, my non-judgemental approach provides an environment of trust and growth where individuals and teams can flourish.

I’m renowned for pushing people just the right amount to go beyond what they believe their limits to be and achieve that bit more than they first thought possible.

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