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Team Effectiveness

The effectiveness of your leaders is reflected in the overall performance of the heart of the organisation – the teams. Good teamwork starts with good relationships, which is why Team Effectiveness is a key element of our offering.

Co-Creation works in partnership with teams who want to maximise their effectiveness and improve overall performance. We achieve this by understanding how the team operates and appreciate that there can be challenges from time to time.

To empower teams to work at their best, we focus on: 

  • Ensuring each team member understands how their mindset affects their behaviours and how to positively manages this
  • Achieving clarity around shared goals and ensuring the teams’ alignment to the team objectives
  • Enabling everyone to gain awareness of their unique strengths and the strengths of others to build open, authentic communication within the team
  • Facilitating sessions that explore team behaviours and habits and how teams can deliver their objectives. We use Engage, Strengthscope® and StrengthscopeTeam™ to help support and facilitate this
  • Equipping teams with people-based skills to improve team behaviours such as communication, influencing and presenting to improving resilience and resourcefulness in challenging situations
  • Helping teams build trust to enable healthy conflict and productive conversations in psychologically safe environments
  • Encouraging teams to be accountable to become an energised team that’s highly functioning and ready to grow

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