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Lead with authenticity.

In today’s challenging environment, leaders are required to maximise their effectiveness to achieve their goals. StrengthscopeLeader brings your natural strengths to the forefront and reveals what makes you unique as a leader.

StrengthscopeLeader is a dedicated strengths-based 360 leadership profiler that improves leadership effectiveness.

Strong leadership creates a positive chain reaction. The report provides leaders with valuable feedback to drive development, increase engagement and encourage peak performance habits.

Who is StrengthscopeLeader for?

This in-depth report is key for future leaders, leadership coaches and senior executives who want to optimise their leadership and create a positive leadership environment

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Co-Creation has recently worked with the Executive team as part of our development plan.  Most of the team have previous experience of a variety of team and individual profiling and 360 tools and so their enthusiasm for entering into the Strengthscope360™ ranged from curious and interested to quite sceptical.  However, Strengthscope360™ was a really effective tool and provided some very specific and constructive feedback and a new insight for all.  The Co-Creation consultant, Rebecca, provided individual coaching sessions with all members of the Executive team and her skill and experience as an occupational psychologist was very evident in those meetings.  Rebecca also provided a whole team coaching session where she was able to draw out some very insightful observations about how we work as a team and how we could all work to our strengths to be more effective as a leadership team.  This gave us something very tangible that we could work with.  Having personally used many team and 360 tools, I can say that Strengthscope felt quite different.  It was quick and easy to complete and yet generated some very meaningful insights at a level that I found other tools have not provided.  Without exception, all of the Exec team felt that the Strengthscope360™ tool and the expert feedback and coaching we received was invaluable.

Jo Hollingsworth

Director of People, Prospect Hospice