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Strengthscope® Develops Potential That’s Already Inside you.

Co-Creation utilises Strengthscope® as one of its main profiling tools, as Strengthscope® measures the underlying strengths that energise us. It showcases what we are great at or have the potential to be great at. Strengthscope® is a starting point. Only by truly understanding your unique strengths can you learn how to achieve your goals by optimising what you already have.

Strengthscope® is a valid and reliable strengths profiling tool and is the first strengths assessment to achieve registered test status with the British Psychological Society. With this tool, you have the power to understand your strengths and increase your self-awareness. All of which combine to create more honest and authentic working relationships at every level.

    What can Strengthscope® do?

    Strengthscope® defines strengths as underlying qualities that energise you. It complies 24 strengths into 4 clusters:

    Emotional, Relational, Thinking and Execution

    The Strengthscope® report

    The Strengthscope® report gives you a clear guide to how to perform at your best by:

    • Highlighting your unique strengths and what energises you most
    • Showing you how to optimise your results to achieve results with practical solutions
    • Empowering you to take action and increase success in any situation
    • Identifying which areas may impact your performance and how to develop innovative and powerful ways to address performance risks

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    Co-Creation has recently worked with the Executive team as part of our development plan.  Most of the team have previous experience of a variety of team and individual profiling and 360 tools and so their enthusiasm for entering into the Strengthscope360™ ranged from curious and interested to quite sceptical.  However, Strengthscope360™ was a really effective tool and provided some very specific and constructive feedback and a new insight for all.  The Co-Creation consultant, Rebecca, provided individual coaching sessions with all members of the Executive team and her skill and experience as an occupational psychologist was very evident in those meetings.  Rebecca also provided a whole team coaching session where she was able to draw out some very insightful observations about how we work as a team and how we could all work to our strengths to be more effective as a leadership team.  This gave us something very tangible that we could work with.  Having personally used many team and 360 tools, I can say that Strengthscope felt quite different.  It was quick and easy to complete and yet generated some very meaningful insights at a level that I found other tools have not provided.  Without exception, all of the Exec team felt that the Strengthscope360™ tool and the expert feedback and coaching we received was invaluable.

    Jo Hollingsworth

    Director of People, Prospect Hospice