High-Potential Development Event

Synexus is a clinical trial organisation with 9 clinics in the UK and 200 around the world. Each site has a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to enable the study and research of a range of therapy areas.

What did Synexus want to achieve?

Synexus needed support from Co-Creation to engage their high-potential leaders and accelerate their development. Our involvement was as part of a longer-term development programme and the organisation was keen to provide a face-to-face development activity. It was important to Synexus that they were able to bring the group together in person for the first time. To accommodate, we arranged the workshop to run alongside a company conference of senior leaders in Prague.

The Next Steps

To meet their needs, we designed and delivered a strengths-based leadership development two-day workshop for this high-potential leadership group. This group included people in site-based leadership positions, with significant responsibility. The group were on the pathway to senior leadership roles within the organisation and needed our support to refine their leadership development.

The Solution

We ensured that each attendee was fully prepared, and before this workshop each attendee completed Strengthscope® and had one-to-one feedback from their internal coach. The workshop was designed and delivered by the Co-Creation team and comprised:

  • Developing your strengths
  • Strengths model of leadership and identifying your leadership edge
  • Raising awareness of each other’s strengths
  • Identifying values
  • Identifying your personal brand and leadership habits
  • Using strengths to build relationships and resilience

The two-day workshop was followed up with a one-hour virtual webinar focused on further embedding the strengths knowledge from the face-to-face event.


The Outcome

We are always keen to hear feedback from all of our clients. Synexus found that those who attended the workshop:

  • Developed a deeper knowledge of strengths and how to apply them
  • Further raised their self-awareness and knowledge of leadership
  • Felt more connected after spending time together as a team
  • Were able to support each other better during the challenging times ahead