Prospect Hospice

Psychometric Profiling for Recruitment

Prospect Hospice provides end-of-life care for adults in their own home, at their hospice in Wiltshire, or a care home. They offer programmes and courses for patients to help them cope with their illness and offer specialist support to their families and carers.

What did Prospect Hospice want to achieve?

Prospect Hospice had been through a significant period of difficulty, receiving a high level of negative publicity locally following a CQC inspection. A number of the senior team left the organisation as a result. They needed to reshape their leadership team to drive changes and improve services. Co-Creation were approached to provide guidance and expertise when recruiting for senior-level roles. Together we identified that they needed to ensure they found leaders who:
  • Demonstrated the values of openness and transparency
  • Had the knowledge and confidence in their ability to challenge standards
  • Could re-engage specialist staff and help rebuild a better organisation
  • Could provide both an excellent standard of care and create a great working environment

The Next Steps

 The process was time sensitive and we were able to deliver a quick turnaround service, virtually. We provided deep-dive psychometric profiling of candidates applying for senior-level roles at the hospice that gave the hiring panel a level of insight about a candidate not previously gained through standard interview techniques. The profiling is:
  • Undertaken by our Chartered Occupational Psychologists team
  • Personality based
  • Orientated towards looking at the strengths and capabilities of a candidate
  • Identifies their future potential
  • Highlights risks or areas where the candidate may need additional support

The Solution

To improve the recruitment process, we implemented the WAVE psychometric test, conducted a robust validation interview with the candidates and provided both a written report and verbal feedback on each candidate. This included highlighting some key areas for each candidate that we could explore further at interview and in different parts of the selection process. This approach has:
  • Improved the hiring of external candidates
  • Reduced the risk of bad hiring decisions
  • Saved money on recruitment and improved retention
  • Encouraged the promotion of internal candidates by identifying their potential

The Outcome

“The reports and feedback were extremely accurate and insightful. They proved to be a very valuable part of the process that provided the panel with added confidence in their decision making. The process was handled expertly and seamlessly by Co-Creation and provided a quality experience for candidates.”


Jo Hollingsworth, Director of People, Prospect Hospice