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We use Engage to measure the mindset, emotional behaviours and attitudes of leaders and employees within your organisation. Engage sparks a self-development journey that starts with a 10-minute online coaching diagnostic.

    Why do we use Engage?

    Engage complements our existing development support offer and enhances what we can do for your organisation. It is valuable at any organisational level and gives a deeper insight into the ‘Why?’.

    • Why do you believe that?
    • Why do you think and behave in a certain way?
    • How does your mindset affect your behaviour?

    It does this through a series of innovative models including:

    • Five Steps of Change Model
    • Iceberg Model
    • AIM Model
    • Cognitive Behavioural Model

    By identifying the underlying reasons, Engage works to provide clarity and increase positive engagement for:

    • Change Programmes
    • Coaching
    • Performance Appraisals and Evaluations
    • Leadership Programmes
    • Talent Management
    • Employee Wellbeing

    How can Engage benefit your organisation?

    • Engage is tailor-made to support change, development and employee wellbeing
    • It clearly demonstrates impact and ROI through its time 1 and time 2 comparison reports
    • Identifies barriers to performance and provides guidance on how to drive improvement
    • Clear and actionable reports detailing evidence-based data

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