In 2021 we began working with Samantha Amit to explore how leaders and teams could  continue thriving in this post-pandemic world.

We identified a significantly changing landscape in response to the pandemic, its accompanying macro-economic changes and rapid rise of AI.

We determined that this requires significant leadership evolution to:

  • Harness the diversified thinking needed to address the complex, unprecedented challenges that have become the norm for many organisations
  • Connect people – many more of whom are now working flexibly and remotely, to their customers, colleagues and purpose – so they can contribute fully and effectively  collaborate
  • Develop higher levels of psychological safety, so people feel more comfortable challenging conventions and proposing alternative ideas 

This has led us to collaboratively create a programme called Conscious Leadership, based on what we call the ACT Model (S.Amit):

  • Achieve
  • Connect
  • Thrive

The model’s DNA is all about how leaders’ impact their teams, peers, partners and wider organisation.

Like to know more? Then read on.

Achieve is about helping leaders understand and realise their own potential, and it starts with developing self-awareness.

So many leaders perform on auto-pilot, unsure or unaware of how they show up and what this creates for their people.

What experience do they create for those around them every day? How do they impact people? What potential blind spots do they have?

We help them understand themselves better and channel their energy and strengths more  productively.

Connect is what we look at next.

What are your leaders doing each day to connect with their people?

How well do they understand them? What are their motivations? Do they know why they show up the way they do every day? What will help them realise their performance potential?

How can they create the conditions that enable their people to contribute fearlessly, collaborate effectively and perform sustainably?

Finally, we help leaders Thrive.

Having developed their levels of self-awareness and established greater connectedness with their teams, we enable leaders to look at how they are impacting their wider stakeholders.

This involves determining who they want to influence and why. How can they connect with key individuals and groups that could impact their own objectives and the organisation’s wider operation.

ACT is a dynamic model that enables leaders to build effective habits that stick. It evolves in response to external and internal events and the needs of individuals, teams and their wider organisation.

If you’d like to help your leaders develop their self-awareness, strengthen connections with their people, enable them to realise their full potential, and influence their wider network  effectively, then contact us at Co-Creation by calling: 0161 969 5612 or email: