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Create a Culture Where Coaching Flourishes.

Do you want leaders who are developing people’s ability to take initiative and have a growth mindset?

Getting training and behavioural change to stick is hard. Coaching is a unique thinking partnership that brings together the impact of powerful questions with a motivation and desire to think deeply, creating a powerful energy that drives change.

Working with a coach can be invaluable for your leaders, your teams and your organisation. We offer a range of coaching solutions to support your unique requirements:

    1:1 Coaching

    We have a team of highly experienced coaches that can help your leaders gain new insight, be creative and unlock their potential whilst strengthening their leadership presence. Our coaches help leaders to:

    • Identify their strengths and mindset – what helping and what’s limiting their performance
    • Develop appropriate leadership habits that will enable them to:
      • Share their vision
      • Spark engagement within their teams
      • Skilfully lead and execute their development plans
      • Sustain the progress towards achieving their goals
    • Overcome their self-limiting beliefs and build their self-confidence and positive mindset
    • Explore and understand new leadership tools and techniques, helping them implement, reflect, and learn to improve their impact


      Group Coaching

      We offer team and group coaching to enable your leadership teams to come together, overcome conflict, build trust and create stronger bonds and more effective strategic leadership.

      These may be one-off or a series of group coaching events such as Action Learning Groups, to create a safe space for leadership teams to develop together.



        Coaching and Mentoring Skills

        We deliver programmes that are designed to educate and upskill your internal coaching and mentoring capability. We work with you closely to identify the skills you already have and provide the tools and resources to enhance them.

        Our programmes are designed to support your organisation in creating a coaching and mentoring culture that is embraced at all levels. We create effective development interventions that embed coaching and mentoring into the daily activity of your organisation so it becomes second nature and adds long-term value.


          Coaching Supervision

          Supervision is a key element of professional development and creates greater coaching competence. Supervision will enhance your internal capability to provide coaching supervision and can be offered through 1:1 or Group Supervision.

          Our flexibility allows you to adapt our offering to suit you.

            Get in touch with us to discuss your unique requirements.

            Our Coaches

            We look at each client on an individual basis and select the most suited Coaches from our pool of qualified professionals. Our coaches have:

            • Operated in senior roles internally or externally from a wide range of industries
            • An executive-level qualification (Degree/Masters) or ILM L7 Equivalent in Leadership/Executive Coaching
            • Experience working globally or with multi-cultural audiences
            • Registered with or working towards registration with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, or the International Coaching Federation or British Psychological Society Division of Coaching and other internationally recognised coaching organisations that encourage high standards of ethics and performance in coaching.

            From improved well-being to increased motivation and performance, our team of coaches will educate, empower and inspire you to reach your full potential.

            Very good. Stayed focussed. Good pace of delivery – kept me interested all the way through.

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