Am I doing it well enough?

Should I be doing more?

What will other people think?

‘It feels selfish to put myself first, when others need me more?

I just need to work harder and longer to get it all done.

I just need to get to the weekend/holiday/day off.

Why am I so tired all the time?… That’s life I guess?  

These are thought patterns that make (or certainly used to make) a regular appearance on the internal movie screen in my head!

Do you recognise thoughts like these? Or which ones would be on your own internal movie screen in your head?

One thing we do know is that on average we have between 60-80,000 thoughts a day (scary right?!)  As humans, the vast majority of these are usually negative. That was an eye-opener to me when I learned that fact a number of years back!

Since then, I have been on a journey which, quite honestly, has been transformative and I do know that word is used a lot! For me, bizarrely what it took was to hit the ‘crash and burn’ point in my life and realise that the way I was living wasn’t actually a life, it wasn’t making me happy; it was wearing my body out and it had had enough … so it did an emergency stop! Something significant had to change.


Thankfully for me, it was the RESET button that I needed to really look, (and I mean really look!) inside at the decisions I was making, the priorities I was putting energy into and the beliefs I had about myself, others and life itself.

For example, one thing I implemented was getting out for a walk each day. Really noticing what was around me and allowing myself to get absorbed in it. The benefits of mindfulness are well known, however, have you ever stopped to notice the shape and character of a tree; the colours of flowers or the movement of water; a bird or a butterfly or a bee going about its business. Noticing different patterns and themes of what catches your attention not only helps you to gain new perspectives, it can give your mind and body some much needed mindful exercise each day.


It truly has been really enlightening and empowering to get to understand and experience much more of the Mind-Body connection and the way in which our thoughts, beliefs and our own unique model of the world can shape the way we experience life.

We all know that minds are powerful things, the mind itself is, even now, not fully understood. And the untapped potential of what we’re yet to discover through things like neuroplasticity, is exciting to imagine! I have certainly learned from people in all walks of life that human beings are incredibly resilient and have extraordinary depths of capacity to survive, nurture, heal, lead, show empathy and cope with what life throws our way.

2020-2021 has taught us all so many new things about ourselves, it has thrown up challenges and opportunities to test humanity on a level we haven’t experienced the like of in this generation. It has placed Mental Health and Wellbeing on the global movie screen and made it okay (and in fact necessary) to ask ourselves and each other how we are really doing in all parts of our lives and what we really need.

Leaders have been challenged to help their teams and organisations to navigate choppy, unchartered waters in work to reach a steadier course. Such as through implementing proactive wellbeing check ins with their teams. Parents have had to dig deep and find ways of supporting their families to live through the past 18 months without certainty of when things would change or improve. Individuals have had to work their way through endless emotions and decisions and restrictions without the benefit of a clear timescale and our usual resources available. Such as by exploring more mindful activities and overcoming limiting beliefs. Communities, healthcare, industries and supply chains all over the world have had to find new ways to operate, collaborate and deliver much needed services, especially to protect the vulnerable.   It has really been unprecedented and relentless!

So on that reflective note, if you could live a life that was happier, calmer, less stressed, more energised, healthier, more fulfilled, in line with your purpose and values and which had more resources available to you …

… would you be a little curious to find out more?


Well, we would love you to come along and join us at an interactive seminar all about Mental Health and Wellbeing – alongside my experienced and talented colleague, Rebecca Stevens, we will be exploring some fascinating insights into Mental Health and Wellbeing and managing stress and pressure to find or maintain your ‘Flow’. Sharing some practical tools and techniques such as the PERMA model and a Wellness Continuum that you can use straight away to boost your own wellbeing for yourself and with others.

And the bonus – it might just help you to live that calmer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled life without the need for a global pandemic or an emergency stop!

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