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Welcome to Co-Creation Blog

Welcome to the Co-Creation Group Blog page. Visit this page for the latest updates on what has been going on across the Co-Creation group as well as articles and information sharing of the latest market leading services.

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6 Months left in 2019 – How’s your Year Shaping Up?

In our last blog, we looked at aligning your strengths with potential with aspirations and used the 5As as a guide to get individuals thinking and using strengths to achieve their goals.  In this blog, we consider that with less than 6 months until the end of the...

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Engaging Strengths in Your Team – Starting with the Why

In our previous blog we looked at uncovering your hidden strengths. In this blog, we look at the motivations that help you engage your different strengths and the strengths of your team. Know Your Hidden Strengths We all have unique strengths – those skills and...

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The challenge of change

Most people find the challenge of change - 'challenging' ! We tend to prefer the status quo and things we know and prefer to stay in our comfort zones. On the whole we don’t like change; it makes us feel insecure and threatens our autonomy and self-determination. At...

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