Heather is an independent Civil and Commercial Mediator with a background in public sector services. Having initially gained Practitioner accreditation in 2009, Heather has continued to build on her professional portfolio leading to accreditation in Civil and Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation in 2016. Heather is passionate about working with people, her calm and supportive style offers individuals and businesses alike, a positive approach to dispute resolution.

Furthermore, Heather has a depth of experience in managing workplace conflict, disciplinary investigations and grievances. Her background and experience bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work in areas of Workplace and Employment disputes.

Heather is an experienced communicator, who can easily build rapport with her clients whilst guiding them through the process of mediation. Her style is one of facilitation and encouragement with the skills to reality test, leading clients to a workable agreement.

With a keen interest in fell walking, gardening and horse riding, the great outdoors offers a valuable distraction to the busy working week.