It’s been quite a year, and 2020’s not quite over yet.  For many of us, COVID has brought turmoil and stress across many areas of life: family, our wellbeing, new ways of working, relationships, finances and more.  Research into the mental health impact of the pandemic found that in the early stages of lockdown that 57% of those who took part reported symptoms of anxiety, with 64% recording common signs of depression. (

As we approach the time of year when we begin to reflect on what the year brought and what next might bring, our main source of stress might typically be about the logistics of preparing a Christmas dinner, or what we’re going to wear for that New Year’s Eve party.  Although Christmas for many of us this year is likely to be different, it may be no less stressful.  Where we may naturally view the festive holidays as an opportunity to relax and recharge, research shows Christmas can be as stressful and challenging as our busiest days at work. (

Although there is extremely positive news regarding vaccines, ‘normality’ may still be some months away for most of us. For this reason, we decided to offer a webinar which can provide practical solutions to the build-up of stress and also some techniques for dealing with stress physically.  Dan Masters will share seven methods of dealing with stress which he believes participants will be able to take away and use immediately, whether at home or work.

During the webinar, Dan will share a simple 3-step technique to help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list.  When that helpful planning tool starts to look like a NASA launch checklist, it can become counter-productive as it becomes a challenge to know just where to start.  This in turn leads to procrastination, falling prey to distractions and a loss of focus.  The key to taking back control is generating momentum before removing all distractions and deploying a laser-like focus on the most significant tasks.

Dan will then move on to share thoughts and practical actions around topics including:

  • How showing yourself some compassion improves your performance
  • Why looking through a ‘wide lens’ to consider the bigger picture helps you to feel much more in control
  • Relieving mental tension through taking advantage of your brain’s love of patterns, routines and rituals
  • How to create a ‘roll-over’ of momentum and improve your productivity by doing something ‘interesting’
  • Why ‘if-then planning’ can turn you into a to-do list hero
  • The one best thing to improve your emotions and motivation
  • How to physically de-stress during those long days at your desk.

If you’ve attended one of Dan’s webinars previously, you’ll know it’s going to be pacey, fun and packed with tips.  Join us for a highly participative webinar and apply your learning to your daily routines to make the best possible start to 2021. See our Events page for the Webinar registration link: